29 January 2007

memo slut

I pass this every day on my way to work.

MEMO SLUT. Seems an odd place to voice one's concerns about another's licentious use of the "Reply All" button, but then ... well, I see it every day. On my way to work. So maybe it's reaching its intended audience after all. I feel so ... cheap.

"By the way," you're thinking, "How'd you take that picture, you letterhead whore?" Carefully, that's how. Very carefully.

26 January 2007

don't you hate it

When you go away from the room for a while, and you go write your first rent check, and you decide to make a card to hold your first rent check, and then you fuck up the lettering and you have to start again, and you decide to change the way the card's going to look and so you have all these extra letters and you're all proud because you managed to use the letters anyway, or some of them, and then you walk back into the room and realize the TV's been on this whole time (woopsie), and it's Italian Futurist porn.

I hate when that happens.