23 June 2007

first date at a greek restaurant, anyway

What? It was on.

19 June 2007

laundry hampers, vacuum cleaner, bookshelves (2-3)

If I'm going to tack that last item on the end (before the closing time), then I might as well not write a list at all. But I did.

Apparently, the only other thing my heart desired was this shirt.

It's a pretty good shirt, though. I mean, just look at it.

17 June 2007

tape measure, notebook, tights (black)

Reproduced here is a shopping list that I found in the back pocket of my jeans.

So telling. So, so telling.

15 June 2007

13 June 2007

12 June 2007

the quality of an idea vs. the quantity of words needed to explain idea

Blah blah parabola, blah blah blah asymptote, y = o.

03 June 2007

oh, go on

Chris says I'm kinda mean.
It's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.

nice, or smart?

Stay off the line.