27 January 2008

have you ever ...

... wanted an album for a long time but not gotten around to it, because there's always new music to check out, and Horses will ALWAYS be around, and then your iTunes decides to put on a radio station, and it's your old college radio station (WBAR: ROCK ON WITH YOUR FROCK ON wbar.org), and the DJ's gotten lazy and just put on ... Horses? The whole album, beginning to end?

I have.

* * * UPDATE * * *

I think someone just didn't show up. The album's played through, like, 2 1/2 times straight. Either that, or the DJ is one lazy mothercrunker.

14 January 2008

a couple designers that i love

This first is by Elum Letterpress in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, which is near San Diego. I have big love for letterpress when it's done right, and these people did it just right. Careful, attention to detail. The number of colors on this print is insane -- to line everything up just right must have been a very time-consuming process, and it's fucking impressive.

These next ones, I forget who it's by. It's lovely and beautiful and simple for all the reasons that letterpress is not. Much looser, much less precious. But so satisfying. I love it.