11 November 2007

also, and also-also:

I forgot to post this. New bike shop in Culver City.

Edwardian Script, bikey things, overuse of graphic hearts, and proximity to my home are all things I hold dear. So yay.

I don't ride a fixed gear, but I thought I'd check it out on behalf of some friends who are looking into it. The fixed people did not judge me for pulling up on a geared bike. Or maybe they did, and I just didn't pick up on it. What I'm saying is, they've got some decent starter stock, some tasty bikes, and they're nice. So yay, again.

portland south

In honor of the overcast skies, the relentless chill, and the constant drizzle, I'm going through today as if I still lived in Portland.

I'm wearing every piece of wool I own. The socks are high and striped. The sweatshirt is hooded ("Like your eyes!" says my dirty, ill-cut hair). I just came back from a coffee shop, where I had organic coffee and a tasty grilled sandwich served by scruffy, attractive people. And I'm on my way to a paper store, where I'm going to source cardstock for some arty-crafty thing I'm super excited about. It's been another car-free weekend, after a nearly car-free week. I'm thinking later on I'll hang out on a bridge and pass out beers to bikers.

Wait, that last one ... I don't think that really works here.

07 November 2007

zune arts: laika

We took advantage of an historical event -- the 50th anniversary of Russia launching a dog into outer space -- and re-interpreted it. What would happen if Laika landed somewhere? What if it were a dog utopia? What would you do? Would you share your riches? Or enjoy your dog utopia ... alone?

Animation/Direction: Ro Rao
Music: The Aliens
Client: Zune Arts
Agency: 72andSunny
Art Director: Katie O'Shea
Writer: Charlie Stephenson

The accompanying banner campaign invited viewers to peer through a telescope to find and follow Laika. Once her planet was found, the viewer was invited to find out her full story at the Zune Arts website.