07 July 2006

whoa whoa whoa whoa

Now, the triangles were one thing, but this is absurd.

And then:

The fucked-up thing is, I don't even wear glasses.

06 July 2006

the two adjustable triangle dream

Came true. I actually do own two small (travel-sized?) adjustable triangles.

So that I can measure things on the fly. Twice.

who the hell is that?

Well, what do you know.

It's the White Rabbit.

The things you find when you move, man. I gotta move less often so this shit stays buried.

05 July 2006

what is the paper advantage?

Hey look, it's a paper bag.

Copy written in awkward and then translated to the English.

It's a paper bag born-on date. Like for beer ... but less relevant.

The bag originally held a carne asada burrito and a Jarritos Lime. Now, of course, it will have alternate uses in the home.

03 July 2006

15 x 4

It has come to my attention that the amount of time I spend in any given city lately has a shelf-life. And that shelf-life is 15 months.

_ I graduated from college in 15 months. This is a lie.
_ I moved to Cambodia to spend some time with my sister, draw some comics, tend some bar, and help open an orphanage for street kids in our small beach town. I was supposed to stay three months. I stayed one year beyond that, or 15 months. (This stuff takes a while.)
_ I moved back to New York, temped/freelanced for three months. Then I got a job in architecture again, and I worked there for a year, almost to the day. 15 months.
_ I moved to Portland to attend this brilliant advertising program. I cut it really close to the wire getting here, spent 13 months in school, took May off, worked my ass off in June to get a job, and was hired to start in the middle of July, in Los Angeles. 15 months.

So wherever I wind up next, WHICH MIGHT BE PORTLAND AGAIN, MOTHERFUCKERS, you can expect it to take place in October of 2007. I just thought you all should know.


**** UPDATE! ****

I didn't move in October, 2007. So I'm thinking I may have just skipped a cycle. January '09, then. As I wrote to my college newsletter's Class Notes, I'm thinking Minneapolis.

01 July 2006

i passed

In other news, the school that just graduated me sent me a piece of paper in the mail marked "Transcript." My hands shook as I opened the envelope. I fucked it up and had to cut the damned thing open with scissors.

But we didn't have classes. We made the work, our creative director approved it (sometimes), the client approved it (sometimes), and then it ran. Go back to step one at any time in the process. So I was really quite curious as to what this "transcript" would even say. Increase in market share? ROI? What?


I passed. Yaaaaaaay!