24 May 2012

pillow-top queen sized mattress, free

I just bought a bed. It's a queen-sized bed. The queen-sized bed came with a pillow-top mattress. Do you know what that means? It means the entire top (& the bottom too, in case you need to flip it) ... is made of pillows. It's like sleeping on a mattress of pillows.

No wait, no. It's not like that at all. It is exactly that.

But I already had a pillow-top queen sized mattress, just lying around, waiting for me to sleep upon it with the stillness of the dead. And this pillow-top queen sized mattress was up my stairs, while the new pillow-top queen sized mattress lay in wait, at the bottom. And pillow-top queen sized mattresses are cumbersome. So, while the pillow-top queen sized mattress that came with the bed was in better condition, I decided to remain with the pillow-top queen sized mattress I already had. Up the stairs. Because I mean come on now, really.

So, I ask you this, stranger: How are you sleeping these days? Are you sleeping well? Do you wake up tired? Are you filled with a nameless anxiety? Do you think to yourself, "What can I do to better the quality of the sleep that I'm not getting, that I haven't gotten, not since the womb?"? Let me tell you what you can do: You can go to the 5400 block of Harold Way, one block NORTH of Sunset, one block EAST of Western, in a truck or in a van, & you can espy a pillow-top queen sized mattress resting vertically against a tree, & you can say to this thing, this gift, this revelation: "Come with me. Let me take you home. You are mine." And then you can bring it home, & you can lay upon it, & you can close your eyes, & you can breathe. You can get back that which was once yours. You can live.

Harold Way (1 block N of Sunset), at Western. End of the cul-de-sac. Get it. Go.