27 June 2006

dream interpretation is for jerks

I still have my adjustable triangle from college. We were required to buy one. The other night, I dreamt not that I had one adjustable triangle but two. Two, identical, smallish (travel-sized? for drafting on the go?) adjustable triangles.

What could this mean?

[ ] I'm too measured in my daily life. I'm taking too few risks, being too guarded. Measuring three times times but never cutting.

[ ] I'm trying to use two small tools to do a job better accomplished with one big tool. I invite you to interpret that as sexual innuendo.

[ ] I'm spending my time measuring the little stuff (twice!) while bigger issues go unexamined.

[ ] I'm careless with my inventory. How did I come to have two of the exact same tool?

[ ] I need to pay all those bills stacked up behind the triangles.

Yes yes yes. That last one. I think that's it.

19 June 2006


best of craigslist > portland > BABY PLEASE JUST LIFT THE DAMN RESTRAINING ORDER!!!
Originally Posted: Thu, 6 Apr 15:17 PDT

Holly, I swear I didn't mean to hurt you, but you can be such a raving bitch sometimes! If I knew she worked with you I wouldnt' have banged her. I used protection. She means nothing to me. I jus twant to come back home. At least let me get my stuff. There was no reason to LIE to the cops. You know I wasn't peeping... I was trying to break in to MY apartment. just because i am not on the lease doesn't mean its not my home. I promise, no more you know what if you let me come back! I'll still talk nasty. Feed my fish, please.

Harry S.

* this is in or around PDX
* no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

13 June 2006

things i can’t stop doing

Listening to Feist
Singing Mushaboom (by Feist)
Reading Best Of Craig's List
Eating sandwiches -- this is an ongoing problem
Being cold
Just kidding
Spending too much money at FedEx/Kinko's
Contemplating the sheer punctuational horror that is FedEx/Kinko's
Fucking up my application/portfolio books in various ways ... mostly while at FedEx/Kinko's
Vacillating on the Los Angeles issue -- I was raised to hate the place -- even as I send applications there ... mostly from FedEx/Kinko's
Accidentally writing "FedEx/Kinki's." Heh.
Being 9 years old at heart.
Messing with that thing on my face

04 June 2006

a job to kill for

Have you seen "Single White Female"?
Do you work in the advertising industry?

Do you just love love love Sean Young?

Turn on Lifetime. Right now!

"A Job to Kill For." An Account Planner moves in on a small agency on the Best Coast and revitalizes their accounts. Works harder than anyone. Pushes the work farther, and makes a lot of enemies. And then kills them. All to show the General Manager that she'll do whatever it takes to get and keep multi-million-dollar clients. BECAUSE ADVERTISING IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Starring Sean Young as the General Manager and a Helen Hunt lookalike as the psycho chick. Well. They're both psycho. But now I've said too much.

Oh, also, I saw "Over the Hedge" this afternoon. It was brilliant. My favorite character is "Hammy." But then you knew that.