27 June 2006

dream interpretation is for jerks

I still have my adjustable triangle from college. We were required to buy one. The other night, I dreamt not that I had one adjustable triangle but two. Two, identical, smallish (travel-sized? for drafting on the go?) adjustable triangles.

What could this mean?

[ ] I'm too measured in my daily life. I'm taking too few risks, being too guarded. Measuring three times times but never cutting.

[ ] I'm trying to use two small tools to do a job better accomplished with one big tool. I invite you to interpret that as sexual innuendo.

[ ] I'm spending my time measuring the little stuff (twice!) while bigger issues go unexamined.

[ ] I'm careless with my inventory. How did I come to have two of the exact same tool?

[ ] I need to pay all those bills stacked up behind the triangles.

Yes yes yes. That last one. I think that's it.

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