04 June 2006

a job to kill for

Have you seen "Single White Female"?
Do you work in the advertising industry?

Do you just love love love Sean Young?

Turn on Lifetime. Right now!

"A Job to Kill For." An Account Planner moves in on a small agency on the Best Coast and revitalizes their accounts. Works harder than anyone. Pushes the work farther, and makes a lot of enemies. And then kills them. All to show the General Manager that she'll do whatever it takes to get and keep multi-million-dollar clients. BECAUSE ADVERTISING IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Starring Sean Young as the General Manager and a Helen Hunt lookalike as the psycho chick. Well. They're both psycho. But now I've said too much.

Oh, also, I saw "Over the Hedge" this afternoon. It was brilliant. My favorite character is "Hammy." But then you knew that.

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