21 April 2007

lemurs, dodgeball, and cheerleading

Lemurs are the smallest primates, or so I'm told on The Discovery Channel. I think I heard that right.

I know a fair amount about lemurs, owing to a grade school/high school classmate who used to paint them quite often. (Did you know that they are found almost exclusively on Madagascar? I did.) So I'm, like, reliving an element of my childhood by watching this show. (By the way, the grade school classmate is Andrew Denman, noted wildlife artist. Take a look.)

Which is weird, because earlier today I watched Dodgeball, which was directed by a kid in my sister's class in high school. Rawson Thurber. (There is much irony in him directing a movie about underdogs, by the way. Great irony, indeed.) It's old home week or something.

So there should be a third person from my childhood who has made a name for himself (or herself ... step up, ladies!), to complete what could be an Orinda Fame Trifecta. Perhaps we'll hear from Bernadette Protti or something.