29 September 2007


I don't know that I've ever been called a bitch before. I've been called plenty of other things, but not a bitch.

Or maybe it's just that I don't bike enough on Saturday nights. On the way back from some Los Feliz thing, I had a perfectly delightful ride. Really good, in fact, until about a mile from my house, at which point a Jeep driver was compelled to impart his opinion.


I was doing the bike driving thing (acting like a car in the absence of a bike lane), in the right lane. They were in the left lane. Then the light turned red. I passed them, they passed me. I gave them the "I'm looking at you because I want to not hit you, but I'm looking with cold, dead eyes." Then, this:


Wow, wrong. I would have expected "hipster" before "hippie," but hipster's not right, either -- I do bathe. Most accurate would be "Nine-year-old boy!" because, well, I dress like a nine-year-old boy. Or "Fashion-Lazy!" I would have taken that. Or, like, "Rigorous with your Political Beliefs, in your Words and in your Actions!"

Oh shit, I am a hippie.

21 September 2007

the trouble with insomnia

... is that you sit there, not-sleeping, doing quick math to determine how many hours of sleep you could have if you could JUST get to sleep JUST now. But the math itself keeps the mind humming, and so you don't sleep, and the fucking math goes on and on.

But at least "An Affair to Remember" is on. Deborah Kerr's dresses, and especially the colors of her dresses, are inspired and inspiring. Charles LeMaire. Good work.

13 September 2007

chaly angel

Once, I lived in Cambodia. (Now, I don't.)

This was a comic I drew while living over there. Click on it for clarity.

04 September 2007

bill murray explains golf cart incident


While he's explaining things, maybe he can talk about his appearance at the Getty's "Icons" exhibit.

Here he is, reading the first script for "Groundhog Day."