03 July 2006

15 x 4

It has come to my attention that the amount of time I spend in any given city lately has a shelf-life. And that shelf-life is 15 months.

_ I graduated from college in 15 months. This is a lie.
_ I moved to Cambodia to spend some time with my sister, draw some comics, tend some bar, and help open an orphanage for street kids in our small beach town. I was supposed to stay three months. I stayed one year beyond that, or 15 months. (This stuff takes a while.)
_ I moved back to New York, temped/freelanced for three months. Then I got a job in architecture again, and I worked there for a year, almost to the day. 15 months.
_ I moved to Portland to attend this brilliant advertising program. I cut it really close to the wire getting here, spent 13 months in school, took May off, worked my ass off in June to get a job, and was hired to start in the middle of July, in Los Angeles. 15 months.

So wherever I wind up next, WHICH MIGHT BE PORTLAND AGAIN, MOTHERFUCKERS, you can expect it to take place in October of 2007. I just thought you all should know.


**** UPDATE! ****

I didn't move in October, 2007. So I'm thinking I may have just skipped a cycle. January '09, then. As I wrote to my college newsletter's Class Notes, I'm thinking Minneapolis.

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