11 November 2007

portland south

In honor of the overcast skies, the relentless chill, and the constant drizzle, I'm going through today as if I still lived in Portland.

I'm wearing every piece of wool I own. The socks are high and striped. The sweatshirt is hooded ("Like your eyes!" says my dirty, ill-cut hair). I just came back from a coffee shop, where I had organic coffee and a tasty grilled sandwich served by scruffy, attractive people. And I'm on my way to a paper store, where I'm going to source cardstock for some arty-crafty thing I'm super excited about. It's been another car-free weekend, after a nearly car-free week. I'm thinking later on I'll hang out on a bridge and pass out beers to bikers.

Wait, that last one ... I don't think that really works here.

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