08 November 2006

hello, nadine

At the request of someone named Nadine, and to more succinctly tell the story of my adult life to date, I'm posting my class notes here for the perusal of the web-browsing populace at large. You're welcome.

After graduating in '02, I moved to Cambodia, tending bar at a bookstore, drawing a comic book about HIV/AIDS, and drawing a scathing comic strip about the expatriate community. Fifteen months later, I returned to New York, working for Cook+Fox Architects in their marketing department. Fifteen months later again, I applied and was accepted to this ridiculous school/advertising agency/experiment thing at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, Oregon. Fifteen months later still, I moved to Los Angeles to work at 72andSunny as a studio artist. I've been here four months, which means I've got eleven months left if I am to perpetuate my destiny of not living anywhere for longer than fifteen months at a stretch. I'm thinking Minneapolis.

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