24 March 2008

tiled & terrific: changing the lexicon

Once, not long ago, I tried to remove a word from my vocabulary. That word was "awesome." The word I tried to replace it with was "terrific." It means almost the same thing. (The meaning of "awesome" is "inspires awe," and that for "terrific" is "inspires terror." Awe ≠ terror ... but it's close.)

It didn't work. Mostly because "terrific" is something that junior high librarians say. That, and my own personal failure -- I kept slipping up and saying "awesome" anyway. I have no self-control, especially when it comes to words.

But this doughnut shop seems to be in alignment with my thinking. I'm wondering if they're also sick of the word "totally."

Not just terrific. Extra terrific.

A little further down is a tile store. Look closely and see that this lady is a mannequin with a swimsuit tiled directly onto her body. They can set a mood with a window, I'll tell you what, and that mood is "creeped out."

She looks lonely.

The other window has this guy. Now HE is terrific, in all senses of the word. LOOK INTO HIS EYES AND FEEL THE TERROR.

Help this robot!

And so I present to you the strip mall of discontent and loss.

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