03 July 2008

oakland + portland = <3land

Hello, my friends.

July 4th-7th:
I'm coming to San Francisco to spend some time with my sister, the indomitable Deirdre O'Shea. I'll be staying in Oakland, with side trips east and west to Orinda and San Francisco. Come out and we can play.

July 7th -10th:
Monday, I'm flying to Portland. I will eat local, sustainable, organic food that was made by culinary artisans. I will drink coffee brewed with spring water and the souls of the innocent. I will drink some other things, too. There will be field trips to Wieden + Kennedy, Holocene, and Valentine's. Come out and PLAY, I said!

July 10th-13th:
Then, the fun begins. Caroline and I are driving back down to SF, taking the scenic route. There's noise of camping. I'll re-enter San Francisco at some point, but I don't know when. Then my bike and I will head back south again on the train. I'm thinking I'll wear that long brown skirt, the lace-fronted shirt, and a cloche hat. I mean, it's a train. I should dress appropriately.

July 14th onward:
Los Angeles. Storm the Bastille, then COME OUT AND PLAY!

I hope to see you soon. In whichever city you live.


This is how I'll look, biking around San Francisco, with like some flowers and an anvil. (Not really.)

*** UPDATE! ***
Photos from the trip here.

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