09 April 2009


1.) Don't ever say you're excited to do your own design and writing work, ever, because fate will probably give you an opportunity, and it might not be so nice.
2.) Don't allow me to talk about any bikes I may own on this site, ever again. Because every time I do, I go ahead and lose it. Well. In this case it was a theft.
3.) Lock up your bike on the bus rack. Even just PRETEND to lock it, if you can't actually lock to the rack. Lock the wheel to the frame or something in order to keep crimes of opportunity to a minimum.
4.) Don't ride the bus with your bike, if you're me.
5.) But really, it's hard to know which is the real reason for the theft — writing about it or riding the bus. Riding, writing. Perhaps we shall never know.
6.) Read this flier. Post it elsewhere. Help me find my baby. I miss him so much.

Thanks, folks.



bakinthebacon said...

This makes me cry!

This makes me swoon!

This makes me wish I'd stolen your bicycle so that you would have to make this flier, and then I could return it to you. Thus instilling you with a sense of wonder and rightness in the universe.

Alex Thompson said...

Ummm, what the fuck? When did you start blogging? It looks like almost a year ago? Is this some kind of undercover blog?

Katie O'Shea said...

Hah! I guess so. Much of it's not particularly relevant to other people's lives, so I don't promote it much. But it's helpful when I need to show writing samples (or design samples, in the case of the resume-chart). I want to get more drawings all up on it. (There are a few.) I'm proud of this one

Alex Thompson said...

Bekah is gorgeous (sorry Shannon)

Katie O'Shea said...

This was right around the time Shannon's Facebook relationship status was "It's Complicated with Katie O'Shea." We crushed on the same guys for, like, six months.

Complicated, indeed.

Anonymous said...

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