07 May 2007

zune arts: mother like no other

Mom's Day is a tough one. You want to show your mom that you love her. But you don't want to come off cloying, or worse yet, insincere. And how do you give her a gift from the heart that shows you're not just giving it because you're supposed to? Get her something she'll really like. That's what our little beaver friend was thinking when he gathered all the sticks and flowers and leaves he could find into the most beautiful bouquet he could imagine. All for his wonderful mum.

She really, really liked it. A lot.

Animation/Direction: Yves Geleyn
Music: the bird and the bee
Client: Zune Arts
Agency: 72andSunny
Art Director: Katie O'Shea/Bryan Rowles
Writer: Katie O'Shea/Bryan Rowles

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