15 August 2006

beer and ketchup

My fries today came with little packets of Hunt's Ketchup. Hunt's!

I remember when I moved to New York for the second time, and I was unemployed, or underemployed, or sometimes employed, and I was price-shopping for everything. And I had a bottle of Hunt's Ketchup in my barely-stocked fridge. I had just started dating this chap from Pittsburgh, whom you may or may not know, and Pittsburgh, which you may or may not know, is the home of the Heinz Empire. He was mortally offended that I would even think to buy Hunt's, though to his credit he tried not to show it. Ahh, brand loyalty.

Same reason I like, buy, and drink Fat Tire Beer whenever I get the chance. It has little to do with the taste of the beer, though I find the taste to be quite fine. It's about their tagline: "Follow your folly. We followed ours." Yes, okay. I would like to support a business that is all about following its folly.

DON'T SAY IT, CAROLINE: The other reason I like, buy, and drink Fat Tire Beer is because Fat Tire Beer, like many beers, has an alcohol content. But that's neither here nor there.

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